Social Media is shrinking the marketplace.. and thats a good thing!

Everyone’s Opinionated and now opinions matter.

Small Business owners have always known that knowing your customer is the secret to success because they have operated in a small area where word of mouth is prevalent and a big influence on how your brand is perceived by prospective customers.

In this smaller more connected world the market dynamics are changing and no longer can corporations hide behind their size and claim ignorance to the woes of their customers. Customers can amplify their grouses and other perspective customers are always listening, always reviewing companies before they purchase, before they decide to go to a restaurant or buy a product or engage a service they want to know other peoples experiences and now they have a forum (the world wide web) to go and get that information.

Everyone says technology is making the world smaller and it is. It’s making the marketplace smaller too and the rules / best practices of doing business in a smaller marketplace with an extremely connected consumer base (as in a small town or city) are good practices that are playing a greater role today.