Good & Bad News

Good News – News that showcases how we can and often do act as civilized, knowledgable, environmentally conscious and compassionate human beings. All that is good within us.

Bad News – News that showcases how we can & often do act as uncivilized, arrogant, selfish, violent & vulgar human beings. All that is bad within us.

For the past 2 years now I’ve added an extra category to all my posts. They either go into Good News or Bad News.
Now this is no barometer of the world, but the amount of bad news far overpowers the good.
Another interesting finding is that it is often governments & companies who are in the news for Bad reasons. E.g. Industrial Pollution, Censorship, denial of rights and freedoms, Wars, Corruption etc etc
While it is generally the smaller format institution which is in the Good News section. E.g. Village communities solving issues with ingenious solutions, Poor people being more compassionate than wealthy companies & governments, People helping out each other, Small communities saving the flora & fauna we share the planet with etc etc