Design & Style

Should design be dreamy or practical, or both? Should only that which does both qualify as good design?

How do modern designs and designers stand up against those from the past? Were the 90’s essentially a “design best of” for the 20th century? What design leaps, if any, have been made in the 21st Century? Are Motorcycles prettier than cars?

Is fashion evolving or devolving? Is it learning from ancient communities, Is there anyone in the world of fashion today who is tapping into the vast time-tested knowledge of mankind obsession with clothing and best practices from communities living at the extremes? Don’t you think Inuit’s could teach us a thing or two about surviving the winter, or sub saharan tribes about braving scorching temperatures.

Answers to all these questions are tough to find but I try to find answers to them so whenever I encounter an evolving trend or a design break-through or some mix of the two which stirs me I’ll try and share it here.

Along with my insights and observations on the changing face of Global Fashion & it’s Inspirations.