A New Bond

Daniel Craig has done a great job with becoming the new 21st Century Bond. It seems common sensical now to think that the Bond of yore would never have survived in the post-bourne era.

Bond had to become tougher and more action-packed, less focus on the suave and more on the martial arts and brawny parts in the movies.

The franchise recognized the need to update Bond. While Pierce Brosnan did justice to the suave facet of Bond he could never have convincingly been a lethal bond. In that role Daniel Craig has done a great job.

Billionaires vs Billions

Courtesy - MoveOn.org
Image Courtesy - MoveOn.org

If History has taught us anything, it is that All empire’s will fall.

History also shows us that in hindsight the demise was obvious, power gets centralized and abused by a few while the masses suffer, till they can suffer no more and the system comes crumbling down once it loses the support of it’s foundation (the Masses).

The world’s oldest democracy is facing it’s biggest challenge yet. How to stop Billionaire’s from controlling government policies that enrich them while depriving millions of others of basic necessities. To follow the path that led the US to this point and to learnĀ if this scenario will play out the same way in other democracies around the world… Read on..