Walking the world!

I’ve always enjoyed traveling, I grew up an Airline Baby: both my parents worked in the Airlines (in the 70s & 80’s – when airlines were cool and air travel was a luxurious experience), from baby adventures in the azure blue water of mauritius to the road trips through the continental US, Canada & Europe.

I believe travel educates, I feel it is a natural fit for the curious mind. The self sure do not like to travel cause they do not like their world challenged or changed. I instead love my world challenged, my beliefs questioned, my habits spurned and an overall feeling of “this is all new to me.”

I see it as if it is new and not as if it is different.

I’m also a salesman, I’ve peddled soaps & candies for advertising agencies .. in a creatives robe and in an executive’s suit.

I enjoy opposing forces, I like duality, I like diversity!

I am a liberal but i’m also aggressive, I shut down bullshit quick and I am not afraid to scream facts when everyone around me is swayed by rhetoric & spin. I do believe we have become media absorbing sponges. Rarely do I meet a person with an opinion that doesn’t reek of the media they use to get their information. Today the news is delivered with an opinion and obvious bias, it’s important to source your information sans the opinion and formulate one of your own.

So in conclusion here’s how I see it; I have maybe 60 good years on this planet and then who knows where we go, so until we find other worlds to travel and explore, let me travel this world and learn the ways of these people,
hear their stories and dance their dances,
taste their nectars and sing their songs.

P.S. All the images in the blog header are shot by and owned by me, you’re free to copy if you mention the source site.