The truth behind the bailout!

People who just act against their own self interest.

A few smart manipulative americans took advantage of a multitude of gullible ones.

It made them rich and made the poor ones feel rich for a bit and then the repo man came, but only to the poor ones homes.

Then the Bubble burst.

Obama came into office and was briefed..

We have a bunch of rich people with power and connections who don’t want the money they made in this past cycle to be taken away from them cause that would be socialist, and just to prove their power, they mobilized unemployed dumb voting americans to their cause –read teabaggers.

So now Mr. President do you want to side with the dumb asses? Maybe not.

But if u let things be.. corporations will fail and the US financial system will crumble and the one’s who were duped of all their money will lose everything, will be put on the streets and you will go down in history as the president who ruined the US.

So we need to prop up the companies and pay for them over the years (time heals all wounds) with the taxes of those same individuals who were duped over the years.

But don’t raise the taxes on the rich who gained from the bubble cause they can mobilize the unemployed “true blooded americans” to rally for their cause.

Remember they are smarter, Such is life Mr. President!!

You could argue about the chronology of the events, but that’s the beauty of keeping it under wraps till the new president came into office.

This begs the question who or what is the vehicle that forwards the agenda of these manipulative fatcats!

It’s Fox which is responsible for misinforming and mobilizing these gullible americans towards the cause of its owners and their friends (read billionaires)

Cause if it truly was a grass roots movement. Wouldn’t it have been NPR mobilizing the masses.

And since when did an australian owned company (FOX) gain more credibility in the heartland of America than perhaps CNN or MSNBC?

These people are really dumb and ignorance/stupidity has always been exploited by mankind.

Why won’t the republicans support the President?

We'll stand by stupid not smart.

But why won’t they support Obama? Support the president! The thought of not supporting the president was shouted as unpatriotic and outright un-american by the very same republicans while Bush was in office.

They know that Obama had tremendous following during the elections and afterwards, both in the US and worldwide. Secondly he’s not stupid to fall for their theatrics or to get embroiled in a shouting match by their “UnAmerican” this and that BS.

They won’t support him because that will make him achieve goals and achieving goals, leaving a legacy will make him a president who is worthy of that office.  But they would rather have their sons and daughters in that office. They have no one of that caliber and will never attract anyone of brilliance, with their ideology.

Hence they need to make obama fail to survive. The republicans cannot and will not support Obama not because his plans are unamerican, but because the success of his plans are seen, by them, as their failures!

Instead of changing they would rather drag Obama and the country down so as to stay in power. History is littered with such people, only time will tell if they win or will change prevail.

Doctors time to shine

An army of engineers and construction professionals built the great road system & bridges that everyone in the united states enjoys.

It will take a similar bold step from doctors and health care individuals.

Will they rise to the challenge? Or will they not?

A good Idea

Now why can’t the US just have some good old bi-partisanship. Like in the FDR days when things were not endlessly debated but done.

When everyone got behind a good idea, cause it was a good idea.

And insuring everyone in the country, taking away the 16% of GDP currently with medicine and putting it into other industries that don’t have the notorious salary ratio disparities (executive vs worker) as the medical industry, would be just that. A great problem solved.

It’s obvious with recent events that men, driven by greed and profit, do not have the public’s or any person’s (except their own) interest at heart.

Then how can a nation’s health be handed over to these individuals or a group of individuals called corporations.

It is crucial that the healthcare bill must have a public option  for it to lead to real reform.

To the Limbaughs, Becks and Hannity’s

I don’t really know them well enough but from what i’ve seen i think the 3 of them, and their kind (entertainment journalists) could learn a thing or two from the quote below.

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

If you have their ear ( i fear it’s only one way traffic tho: The mouth functions, the ears don’t) pls forward it to them.