A good Idea

Now why can’t the US just have some good old bi-partisanship. Like in the FDR days when things were not endlessly debated but done.

When everyone got behind a good idea, cause it was a good idea.

And insuring everyone in the country, taking away the 16% of GDP currently with medicine and putting it into other industries that don’t have the notorious salary ratio disparities (executive vs worker) as the medical industry, would be just that. A great problem solved.

It’s obvious with recent events that men, driven by greed and profit, do not have the public’s or any person’s (except their own) interest at heart.

Then how can a nation’s health be handed over to these individuals or a group of individuals called corporations.

It is crucial that the healthcare bill must have a public option  for it to lead to real reform.

To the Limbaughs, Becks and Hannity’s

I don’t really know them well enough but from what i’ve seen i think the 3 of them, and their kind (entertainment journalists) could learn a thing or two from the quote below.

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

If you have their ear ( i fear it’s only one way traffic tho: The mouth functions, the ears don’t) pls forward it to them.


Hello world!


To start on a light note, I think most of the world’s wars till date come from not understanding or caring to understand the others we share our world with.

Some people might be uncomfortable with it but no one disputes our Inter-dependance on each other in this global world.

We have a lot in common (we’re all Ice-Cream just different flavors). The only way to understand this is to travel and soak in other cultures. Don’t go there and try and compare, instead absorb. Don’t go there and try and teach them your way instead learn theirs.

Our differences (cuisine, dance, song, culture, religion, color, language) are all minor and in my opinion more of a blessing.  Being a foodie i understand that the potato came from peru and pepper from the Malabar coast. Everyone loves them, Thankfully the first explorers didn’t go there with a closed mind instead they sampled and tasted and learnt and exchanged. And for those who would like to point out the manipulation and greed of business that lead to exploitation. Just cause they did it doesn’t mean you will. Travel and see the world and it’s diversity and you too will understand that it’s crucial!

I love to see new things and i hope others do too. Cause the day we all want to see and hear what we already know, we cease to grow.